Recommendations for Consumer Care for Salons

Recommendations for Consumer Care for Salons


Market research files has been analyzed from not one but two main resources:

  1. Second Data- my spouse and i. e. Publications, publications along with internet resources.
  2. Primary Research- data during this research was obtained from the surveys that are undertaken within a Barnfield Higher education Hairdressing together with Beauty Salons plus the Office reception Area on November plus December 2009 and have been handed out for the clients before & after the remedies. Three groups were created to prepare the particular questionnaires to the following several subjects:
  • Office reception.
  • After medication.
  • New Product Development in Guy Grooming and even Anti-Ageing Treatment plans and Items.



“Front desk functioning can make as well as break the salon business” (Barham, 1991, p. 21). The job of spa receptionist is extremely important as the receptionist embodies the total salon, its personnel and their professional techniques. The main quest of the receptionist is a soft running in the beauty salon (Barham, 1999).

Typically the reception area of any enterprise such as a hotel, a hairdressing salon, a new beauty cure salon, a set of office buildings, even a infirmary can be considered as being the first individual point associated with contact with the provider. One book definition of wedding celebration is “the receiving paperhelp org prices or even welcoming about persons like visitors formally or ceremoniously”. In the setting of business, however , venue needs to be rather more than just appearing courteous towards clients, answering enquiries or simply booking features. Ideally, venue regulates plus controls use of the next phase in a procedure. The hairdressing or charm therapy surgical will perform the functional work but the service takes place and leads to the office reception (Masters, 1988).

Almost all women appreciate the high class of personal notice in a pleasurable atmosphere. As well as first issue of communicate with either professionally or simply by telephone are going to be receptionist so the a reaction to an initial enquiry and the graphic presented during the time must be in the highest stage or the consultation may not be lined up. The answer towards enquiry have got to convince the client in which she could reasonably don’t be surprised to get the assistance she likes, and the picture presented must be one of performance and interest.

If the inquiry, interrogation is by mobile phone, then the completely image shall be an aural one. For that reason tone of voice, manner of speaking and clarity details are extremely important. The conclusion belonging to the conversation can be important and need to indicate which the enquiry as well as subsequent selecting are desired and preferred.

Enquiry or reservation face to face at wedding reception also involves tone of voice, method of speaking and also clarity details, but since it is also vision it techniques other troubles which include betters and deportment of the receptionist and the appearance presented by simply other individuals of workforce who may very well be in wedding celebration at that time, as well as decor, tidiness and comfort of the wedding room settle-back to watch that indefinable thing generally known as social surroundings.

When any client or potential prospect enters reception she should be sent immediate attention or at least recognition of him / her presence. Litigant should never stand in reception to be with her appointment some time longer compared with is utterly needed and when this really is inevitable this girl should be designed as relaxing as possible plus kept recommended of the situation. A client’s progress over the various systems in the spa should be comfortable and supported by an plain desire over the member of staff for my child well-being and also satisfaction. Each individual client should feel that her personal tailor-made is respected and that completely a significant part of the salon online business life. You does not purchase a splendor treatment although a complete support which ought to be fully nourishing to that clientele. And even when service is usually satisfactorily achieved and the prospect is delighted with the final result, all simply yet over because the girl still has through once more as a result of reception and also departure should be just as very carefully managed seeing that arrival. Service plan must carry on until the minute the client tends to make her get out of through the doorstep which has been attentively opened right next to her by the receptionist. The receptionist should know what has been for the client and will provide a appropriate remark involving approval along with the result. In fact, if the clientele has just invested quite a bit of dollars on a assistance intended to make improvements to her appearance she will appreciate the effects becoming noticed (Masters, 1988).

As a result, to summarize the above, an ideal beauty salon wedding reception should make the client’s profile in the ready area because comfortable and enjoyable as it can be because the parlor will never receive a second possibility to make a first sight. This includes experiencing enough caught up beauty and fashion associated magazines just for both women and men, participating in a relaxing and light tunes and if your customer is to devote a bit of a efforts a looking room and then offering a refreshment or perhaps cup involving herbal teas to make the client’s stay right now there as enjoyable as possible. Or maybe alternatively, in case the lounge is usually pleasant in addition to relaxing, consumers may be to relax once treatment as well as arrive first and enjoy flicking through a slick magazine which includes refreshment. One more extremely important position is clients’ confidentiality which inturn must be serviced at all times and also receptionist is responsible for any information to not be burned or died in any type to any one, in person or over the phone (Barham, 1992).

In the event the data were analysed in accordance with 27 questionnaires taken in Barnfield College Hairdressing Salon and even Spa Wedding party area, it was found that almost all clients who experience visited the college salon were being overall delighted by the patiently waiting area as well as reception typically: 26 citizens were welcomed and also the same amount of people found receptionist safe and instructive. The majority of clients found calling booking service plan excellent as well as said that the device was resolved promptly (17 and 13 respectively). Even if 13 men and women did not solution the question if they had to have to wait for their session, 9 people today confirmed them to did not wait at all and only small group explained they had to have to wait from 1-2 minutes as much as 5 minutes (2 and 2 people respectively).

There are absolutely no hot drinks and/or drinks offered inside the Barnfield beauty salon waiting arena therefore all of us decided to determine whether purchasers were ready to pay for all their drinks and would use a tea and coffee pay for machine if there was a person and learned that 9 clientele responded positively, 1 guy said “maybe” and some other client advised having plant based alternatives. Yet , 14 clients said that they can not purchase their refreshments and a couple of people pushed aside the problem.

Despite the fact that 7 people defined the environment within the reception spot as “excellent” and only six people found it again “average”, 7 people reflected that there is a bedroom for production in the office reception service (1 client) and also the waiting section (7 clients) and suggested that there could possibly be some high chairs available, in addition to booking services could be improved upon and a couple of people complained about the comfort in the wedding reception and explained it is too cold on the waiting vicinity at this time on the year.

Additionally, 14 connected with Barnfield purchasers confirmed there was many reading material of their loving but being unfaithful clients disagreed with that and said that there was clearly not anything to learn or they did not like typically the offered examining matter. Any time asked about the payment selections 12 folks would prefer compensating by capital, 10 will be more comfortable through paying by way of card and they only 3 consumers were very happy with both choices.

Further examination of clients’ comments says people carry out love coming to Barnfield meant for treatments in addition to complement in prices and also professionalism, friendliness and helpfulness of the receptionists, although one or two clients recommended that there could be some slight music performing in the wedding reception area, some are more reading stuff like caught up hairstyles magazines and described the appointments’ booking alternatives, i. electronic. chance to publication a few periods at once purchasing a set of treatments or scheduling at the wedding reception desk usually, because it comes across as being rushed like queue kinds very quickly as soon as only one receptionist is present. Additionally several people today complained concerning the reception as well as waiting area being particularly cold.

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